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Selected Poems

"Origin Story" | Poetry Magazine | Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow

"Census of Daughters" | | John MacKay Shaw Award

"Ode to Magic" | Sporklet 

"fat girl Climaxes While Working Out at the Gym" | Great River Review | Pink Poetry Prize 2020

"Sometimes fat girl Takes Showers in the Dark" | Sixth Finch
"Visiting the Bodies Exhibit in Las Vegas" 
| SWWIM | Pushcart Prize Nomination

"Lot's Wife" | Frontier Poetry | New Poets Award, 3rd Place

"fat girl is Obsessed with Jellyfish" | Court Green | Pushcart Prize Nomination

"On the Way Home from a Business Trip, fat girl Pulls into a McDonald's Drive-Thru in a Town She'll Never See Again" | Tupelo Quaterly 

"Fat Fuck" | The Offing

Poetry Publications


Jelly Donut, or a Fat Ode for Unruliness"
Moon Pie, or a Fat Ode to Pussy and Marshmallows

I Can't Write About the Ocean Without It Being About Slavery | Honey Literary

“Family Tree”

“Pig Feet and Black-Eyed Peas”

“Another Damn Body Poem” | Boston Review, forthcoming

“Creation Myth”

“The First Born”

“How to Build a Holy Tabernacle” | Obsidian, forthcoming

Hysterectomy| Limp Wrist

Blood Ode

"Breath Ode| The Missouri Review

Census of Daughters” |

Ode to Magic


Three Lessons on the Adolescent Body | Sporklet 14

“Mildred’s Parents Accepted Her Marriage”

“Aubade in an Open Door” | Appalachee Review

fat girl Climaxes While Working Out at the Gym | Great River Review

Sometimes fat girl Takes Showers in the Dark

fat girl Spends Saturdays Alone, FinallySixth Finch

Visiting the Bodies Exhibit in Las Vegas| SWWIM

Lot’s Wife| Frontier Poetry

“What I Have to Give” | GRIST

“Ode to My Neighbors”

“fat girl is Obsessed with Jellyfish”

“The Last Time You Are Close to Your Body” | Court Green 17

“black girl Goes on Vacation to Orange Beach” | NELLE

“The Last Time I Saw My Grandfather” | Massachusetts Review

“fat girl Confuses Food and Therapy, Again”

“On the Way Home from a Business Trip, fat girl Pulls into a McDonald’s Drive-Thru in a Town She’ll Never See Again” | Tupelo Quarterly

“Looking Out My Bedroom Window in Postignano” | Ninth Letter

“my ex-boyfriend is a dick joke” | BOAAT Press

“There’s No Praise in Me for Me” and “An Address to My Pain” HEArt Online

“My Mother Gave Me a Coin Jesus, and I Am Still Alive”Tinderbox Journal

“what god wants”

“The Ballad of Broken Missy”

“Ode to My Stomach” | Pittsburgh Poetry Review

“The Right Words” | Birmingham Poetry Review

“Fat Fuck” |  The Offing

“Trying to Write a Music Poem” |  Massachusetts Review

“Why We Don't Wanna Marry White Men (But Do Anyway)"

"The Lovings Left their Door Unlocked"

"Brooks Wanted to Catch Them Having Sex" |  Winter Tangerine


Book Reviews

Night-Blooming Jasmin(n)e by Jasminne MendezThe Rumpus 

Stripper in Wonderland by Derrick Harriell | Black Warrior Review

Boy with Thorn by Rickey LaurentiisBlack Warrior Review


10 Questions for Diamond Forde | Massachusetts Review

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